Order your test today: Get free standard delivery on every order with RxeLab

Order your test today: Get free standard delivery on every order with RxeLab

Order your test today: Get free standard delivery on every order with RxeLab

How It Works

Laboratory tests play an important role in the detection and monitoring of many diseases. It is estimated that 70% of the information used in the detection of disease is based upon the use of lab tests.

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Order Tests

Simply search for the test you are looking for or choose from the list of options. Once you select the test, add it to your cart. You may then proceed to checkout. A lab order is automatically generated in seconds and will contain the orders required by the lab. You will also receive an email confirmation.


Visit Local Lab

Please remember to take a hard copy of your Lab Order with you to the lab facility. If you need to print a copy of your Lab Order, log in to your account. Additionally, follow any preparation instructions before your scheduled lab test. Some may require you to fast for 8 hours for most accurate results.


Receive your Results

You will receive an email notifying you when your results are available online. Many results will be available within 24 to 48 hours but others tests may take longer. You can access your lab results by logging into your account. You can view, print, or send your fax results to your physician if necessary.

Helpful Reminders

  • First time direct access laboratory testing customers will create an account called online. You will be able to access this account with your username and password at any time to view your discount wellness blood test orders, sign HIPAA release forms, print your requisition, and view or print your wellness test results all online.
  • Payment is made by credit card at the time the order is placed and RXeLab accepts all major credit cards. The prices listed are all inclusive, and no extra charges are added within the continental USA.
  • Once you've placed your order for direct access laboratory testing, you will receive an automated confirmation email that will also have a receipt attached.
  • Within 2–4 hours, we will generate your requisition and upload it to your account. You will receive an email letting you know to log in to your account to print your wellness blood testing requisition. Orders placed outside